Welcome to Whump - Earn for Fun, a mobile app based platform where anyone can showcase their skills, art, dance to large audience. Our mission is to create a powerful and informed network of young India, Influencers, Dancers and many more. It's a open platform for short videos creation.

Use hashtags to get more followers

Hashtags might not seem like much of a priority on the surface, but they remain one of the most important aspects of promoting your Whump videos.

To use hashtags for Whump effectively, you need to understand exactly how they work, and put some thought into a strategy.

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share your creative videos

Have attitude

Use your attitude to create different kinds of fan following with your awesome videos. Videos are the best place where you can show your emotions and attitude.

Be cool

Grab attention and eyeballs with these cool video effects, create your cool video by using awesome filters. Whump gives you access to everything you need to make the perfect short video.

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select your favourite music track

Chooose your Latest Music and Songs

Whump has plenty of music library for you to select and create short videos.

Share and Download Videos

Whump is a free app for uploading upto 60 seconds videos available on Android and iOS and user will be able to share their videos to friends and family.

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Point Amount
10,000 50
25,000 150
50,000 250
75,000 350
1,00,000 500

Whump Coins Rewards

Are you all excited to redeem your whump coins into real money. Here it is, please check out the whump coins equivalent table. Learn this and keep earning rewards Banate raho videos ,kamate raho !

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Have you ever watched someone's video and thought to yourself, “I could do that better” or “I’m down to try that”. At Whump, all videos are open to be challenged. Whether you’re into using Whump for a sports challenge, dance challenge, fitness challenge or even a cute animal challenge - with Whump you can start an official challenge for fun by simply making your video! We’re all here for two things, to have genuine fun and to get our challenges on. Whump, is a safe destination for creating fun and exciting short challenge videos that friends and anyone can take part in.

Give Whump a try, there’s plenty of challenges, cool people and fresh video experiences to discover on Whump daily. On Whump, YOU create your own challenges. It’s not an official challenge unless it’s on Whump. So whether you’re just looking to find a good laugh, show off a new talent, or just create a new fun challenge. Whump makes it easy to find and create new short videos by providing you the tools to be a creator of your own unique content.

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